Cafe Chairs

At Chairforce, cafe chairs of various kinds are available. Our Cafe Chairs store has a large display: UV-resistant polypropylene, steel, and wood cafe chairs. We provide industrial, modern, and classic designs that follow the current design trends. There are a variety of colours to choose from to complement your hospitality environment.

Commercial Quality Cafe Chairs

The most common design for cafe chairs is a simple metal frame with a seat and a back. This type of chair is mostly used for bistro, cafes and restaurants.

Cafe Chairs For Sale

If you’re looking for a great deal on cafe chairs, Chairforce is the best place to go. Whether it’s a high-end espresso cafe chair or a budget-friendly cafe chair, Chairforce has a deal for you.

French Bistro Chairs

French cafe chairs are also known as bistro chairs, cafe chairs, and sometimes terrace chairs. They are a quintessential part of outdoor cafe culture and are widely used at outdoor cafes and restaurant seating options. The French bistro chairs are iconic and popular for their simplicity and comfort. The simplicity of the design and the functionality and practicality of the chairs make them a great addition to any outdoor setting.

Parisian Bistro Chairs

Every single person who has ever visited Paris has likely sat in one of these chairs before. And if they didn’t, they probably tried hard to find some. They’re the quintessential French bistro chair. They’re also known as French café chairs.

Restaurant Chairs

When it comes to style and comfort, The restaurant bistro chairs are the perfect addition to any restaurant chair arrangement. These chairs are the perfect size, and they’re comfy enough for kids and adults alike.


Chairforce has deceptively basic designs that enable easy modification and provide stainless steel’s superior performance.

An electropolished or powder coat finish is applied to stainless steel rod frames.

The powder coat coating on stainless steel chair seats and backs and tabletops; colours may be combined and matched to create distinctive two-tone effects.

Standard or bespoke perforations are offered on chair seats and tabletops.
Chairs may usually be stacked up to four high.
The side table is fantastic. 18″ tall with a 17″ diameter. top
Nylon slides on a chair and table feet; freestanding
It contains a high percentage of recycled material and is highly recyclable.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

With our bistro chairs, you can provide a comfortable seat for your clients. tWe have a range of sizes and styles available, whether you want outside café chairs for people watching or interior bar stools for people watching your sushi chef. They’re all long-lasting, and most may be stacked, making workdays easier.

Metal Chairs for Dining Room of the Highest Quality

Chairforce - Cafe Chairs

Metal dining chairs are both stylish and durable. You won’t have to worry about fabric stains, flattened cushions, or shredded armrests when you have functional metal dining room chairs. Another advantage of this chair type is that it may be used as extra seating outside. To assist you in weighing your options, we’ve compiled a list of the best metal dining chairs and extensively reviewed them.

Is It Time For Your Restaurant To Have A Makeover?

Cafe Chairs - Chairforce Cafe Chairs Australia

Whether your cafe specialises in breakfasts, lunches, or just hot drinks and small nibbles, you’ll discover a range of cafe chairs at Chairforce that matches your décor, personality, and brand.

Perhaps you recently purchased a restaurant and need to furnish it with fantastic coffee chairs, restaurant seating, and other items?

Here at, we have an extensive range of restaurant and cafe seating ready for you to order at any time.

Whether you are looking for a completely new design of chairs or want something to match your existing ambience, we can be sure to help you out!


Maximising Floor Space For Cafes & Restaurants

Our dining chairs are functional and stylish, meaning you get the best value out of your dining chairs. Not only for looking great but our chairs are hardwearing and built to last.

If you need to order in bulk or find out more information about our commercial cafe chairs or dining seating range, give us a call. We love to help!

Chairforce has been in operation for more than six years, and during that time, we have provided many restaurant chairs at competitive prices. It is a source of pride for our team that we provide the highest quality metal and plastic chairs at a fraction of the cost competitors charge. We spend a lot of time and effort perfecting the products we sell, so we have a large selection of high-quality items.

When you buy our products, you can be confident that you are getting only the best — we don’t sell anything that isn’t up to par!

This means you can shop with confidence, knowing that your restaurant will have the right things on hand and that your customers will enjoy them.


Cafe & Bistro Seating Options

If you are in the restaurant business, you appreciate how important it is to get every part of the experience right.

Guests are evaluating the décor, the tables, the chairs, the menu, staff and ambience.

If you are looking for cafe chairs for sale, you’ve come to the right place to ensure that you get the best design at the lowest price guaranteed.

Irrespective of whether you are a small start-up restaurant or part of a major national franchise, we have a wide chair colour range here for you to choose from.

We appreciate that your restaurant or franchise is unique and, as such, requires furniture to match.

We continually update the restaurant chairs and tables we sell. This means you get contemporary new looks and access the current materials and styles.


Polycarbonate, Aluminium & Metal Dining Chair Stock Options

Buying a new seat arrangement for a café is never an easy task.

You face an overwhelming selection of equipment, some of which is not even relevant to your establishment.

We at Chairforce recognise that your financial resources may limit your choices. With this in mind, you might want to think about polypropylene/plastic chairs.

While using plastic might seem like an unpopular choice, there are benefits for those that decide to take this route. Plastic has similar benefits to metal and wood but at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, suppose you are a savvy business owner who is set on having a retro or bold aesthetic on your premises.

In that case, our replica chairs, such as the Tolix and Air chair range, are a terrific option to get a wide choice of colours, styles, and sizes to deliver in style.

Our armchair range also comes in polypropylene and aluminium versions that can be used outside. We also cater to residential customers who want to furnish a room in their home or kitchen. With easy delivery options via courier and pickup, you’ll have your new chairs in no time.

There will be times you need to move furniture around quickly and without disrupting the entire operation, mainly when you are deep cleaning. Plastic is excellent because it is lightweight and won’t chip or break if it comes into contact with walls and other barriers. This means it will last longer, saving you money and extending value.

Polycarbonate or plastic outdoor chairs are an excellent alternative for those who live in places where there is a lot of rain. You won’t have to be concerned about them absorbing or being destroyed by water. However, it is always a good idea to tie them down or stack and store them during storm season, so they don’t grow wings and fly away.


Restaurant & Cafe Seating and Tables Have Never Been So Low-Cost.

Everything we do is supported by excellent customer service.

We feel that if our clients are satisfied, we are on the right track.

Our focus is on commercial cafe-style chairs sold at Australia’s lowest prices.

If you have any specific requirements or require additional information, it will be our pleasure – we promise to respond promptly.

We’ve worked with a lot of businesses over the years. We are happy to have thrilled so many of them, and we hope that the fact that we have worked on so many successful projects over the years gives you peace of mind. We hope your restaurant or cafe will be the next!


Commercial Seating With Cafe/Restaurant Owners In Mind

We not only provide the best stackable cafe chairs, but we also provide it at the most affordable costs. We do this because no company should have to cut corners when obtaining the necessary supplies.

Because we have worked hard over the years to establish tight relationships with our manufacturers, our pricing is highly competitive. Because of our close relations, we can negotiate the most incredible pricing for products and pass those savings on to our customers.

We can buy various items in quantity because we are one of Australia’s largest online cafe furniture stores, whether commercial tables and chairs, metal café chairs, or anything in between. Our consumers adore our prices, which is one of the main reasons we have so many loyal restaurateurs around the country.

Restaurant chairs, especially if outdoor seating is available, must survive even the most extreme weather conditions. At Chairforce, we have a broad choice of cafe furniture that includes both more durable pieces that can endure the rain and UV-rays alike.

Buying Wholesale Vs Second Hand

You are looking to save costs and consider buying cafe chairs second hand. The problem with second-hand is that the furniture may not match your existing ambience and delivery options will be limited. Quality can also be a concern when buying used chairs. It’s not clear where the used chairs came from, how old they really are and if you are getting good value for money.

How To Choose The Best Chairs for your Cafe Bar?

It’s clear that practicality matters when choosing cafe seating.

Your available space is the most important thing to consider.

Few things are more inconvenient than squeezing in between tables and chairs to get around a restaurant because the furnishings are too large.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Restaurant Chairs

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’re well aware that the chairs you use say a lot about your business. After all, almost everyone who walks through your doors is going to sit down for a while, if not longer. As a result, you must seek out the most excellent commercial seats for your establishment. You want your customers to feel at ease and the environment to appear friendly. At Chairforce, we have a fantastic selection of wholesale chairs that can help you attract and keep consumers. With our wide variety, you’ll be able to discover the ideal balance of durability, comfort, affordability, and style.

Whether your diner has a lot of outside seating or is entirely indoors, you’ll be able to locate bistro chairs that suit your needs. Steel, plastic, wood, and rattan are among the materials we provide, industrial, modern, traditional, and various other styles. Because we provide wholesale restaurant chairs, your money will stretch further when you work with us. Our lowest price promise offers you confidence while purchasing, allowing you to buy more of what you want. You can trust that we have the commercial chairs you need for your restaurant on hand and that our team will oversee the entire procedure.


Are Metal, Leather Or Plastic Chairs A Better Choice?

Many coffee shops prefer metal chairs for their durability and retro look.

The comfort of your patrons will dictate whether you require leather dining chairs for guests who’ll stay longer or if plastic chairs are sufficient. Consider choosing a versatile PU fabric for a wipe-clean surface and softer seat.


Do Your Bistro Chairs Go On Sale Regularly?

Our bistro chairs are on sale all year round at a very attractive price.

Because we source directly from the manufacturer, our huge range of restaurant chairs is more affordable than most other options out there.

We don’t spend lots of money on fancy showrooms or travelling sales-people so we can afford to sell chairs, stools and tables to you at a lower price. We do offer you good customer service, friendly advice and time to discuss your order.


Where To Buy Seat for Bistro or Cafe Shop In Australia?

You can buy your chairs online and have them delivered Australia wide. We pride ourselves on quick delivery times, and our team can provide you with a shipping quote as well.

Alternatively, we’d love to welcome you to one of our showrooms in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Hobart.

Check us out at:

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