Replica Brigitte Black & Walnut Bentwood Chairs


$125 inc. GST

We also have the Brigitte Bentwood Chair available in White.

A classic chair at a modern price. Classic replica Thonet No. 18 Bentwood chairs are an enduring design icon. Durable yet lightweight, practical yet beautiful. Ideal for home, cafe or restaurant. The seating all-rounder. Our Brigitte chairs are a modern version of the traditional bentwood style featuring a larger diameter seat and the classic curved backrest.

  1. Mrs M -

    After remodeling the kitchen, we replaced a huge kitchen table with this smaller one. We are quite delighted with our choice.
  2. Mr Mills -

    The contrast between the good quality wood seat and the lack of installation is appealing.
  3. Cheryl D -

    A good-looking chair at a reasonable price. Chairforce employees are "Fantastic."
  4. Franz D -

    This dining chair is ideal for apartments with limited space. The quality is outstanding. This is something I would strongly suggest.


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Brigitte Bentwood Chair by Lucio. Classic European styling for your home, cafe or restaurant. Brigitte chairs are a modern version of the traditional bentwood Thonet No18 design featuring a larger diameter seat and the classic curved backrest. This is a lightweight chair constructed of high-strength Birch wood.

PLEASE NOTE: The painted finish on these chairs allows for the natural grain to show through. Each chair is unique in colour and variations may occur from the product shown online and in the showroom. Inconsistencies should be expected and appreciated.

• 2 year commercial warranty.
• Suitable for indoor commercial use.
• Static load 150kg.
• Birch wood chair with reinforcing at stress points for extra durability.
• Plastic feet are securely attached to the legs to protect your floors from scuff and scratches.
• Supplied fully assembled.
• Lightweight and durable.
• Available colours: Black Bentwood Chair, Walnut Bentwood Chair

• Ideal for cafe, restaurant, club, pub, hotel and commercial spaces.

All prices include gst.

Replica Bentwood Chair Perth

The replica bentwood chair Perth is both classic and contemporary, and can add a touch of elegance to any home, cafes & restaurants..

Replica Bentwood Dining Chair

Replica bentwood dining chairs are popular in every day life, and they are also popular in the fast-food restaurant industry. The reason for this is because they are usually cheap in price and they are actually very sturdy in their design. Bentwood chairs are made of the strongest materials, and they are made to last for many years.

Replica Thonet Bentwood Chair

The Replica Thonet Bentwood Chair is a chair that was designed by Michael Thonet in 1859. The chair was made from a single piece of bent beechwood. The chair was considered a masterpiece in design. The chair is successful because it is a low cost type of chair. The bentwood chair is also easy to manufacture.

black bentwood chairswalnut bentwood chairs

Walnut & Black Bentwood Chairs FAQs

Where to buy black bentwood chairs in Australia?

Chairforce has six locations in Australia where our black bentwood chairs are on display. You can find a showroom near you in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Hobart.

How much do black and walnut bentwood chairs cost?

The Chairforce Black and Walnut bent wood chairs start from $149 and are available in a range of colours.

Are these chairs stackable?

Bent wood chairs are not designed to stack. But you can stack one on top of another by turning one upside down and placing seat to seat.

How are bent wood chairs made?

Crafting something with a bent wood structure that can hold weight takes a bit more carpentry skill. Bent wood techniques are classified in Milling Solid Stock (direct woodcarving way), Steam Bending, Kerf Bending, Plate Bending, Lamination Bending etc.

Are bent wood chairs comfortable?

Chairforce Bent wood chairs never disappoint when it comes to comfort. Our Brigitte bentwood chair range is a modern version of the traditional bentwood style featuring a larger diameter seat and the classic curved backrest. They are light, durable, comfortable, easy to wipe down and narrow enough to fit lots of chairs around the table.

Weight3.6 kg
Seat: 40cm wide x 40cm deep
Seat Height: 46cm
Backrest Height: 89cm
Footprint: 38cm wide x 42cm deep

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