High Back Bar Stools High Backrests & Commercial Quality

High Back Bar Stools are made with commercial quality in mind.
The backrest height is one of the most crucial aspects of selecting the ideal bar stool for your bar.
Higher backrests provide support and comfort while offering a stylish ambience.

High Back Bar Stools

Buy Stylish Counter Height Stools Or Bar Furniture Near You

Our website sells breakfast bar stools for high bar tables and offers fast delivery anywhere in the country. You may choose the ideal seat for your dining room in your home or office among our many styles and colour options. We have a large range of bar stools for you to choose from. Furthermore, our seats are available at remarkably low prices without compromising quality. You can buy any of our furniture online or in-store just visit our local showrooms near you.

Check Out Our Emilio Bar Stool With Backrests and Footrests

Emilio Bar Stool by Lucio. Appropriate for both indoor or alfresco areas. This chair is made with polypropylene seat and backrest for easy cleaning and maintenance, ideal for busy high-traffic dining places like cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs and hotels.

Kitchen Bar Stools For Contemporary And Traditional Settings

We recommend our Brigitte No 18 Bentwood Bar Stool with Backrest. Not many stools can pull it off in modern and traditional settings. This is perfect for commercial bar tables, which are a little taller than counter height tables.

Chairforce Helps You Create a Great Cafe Experience

Whether you’re looking to add a classic, timeless look or chic style with comfort modern feeling to your dining space, we have what you need to make your cafe stand out from the rest. Because we offer a huge range of bar stools in different styles and designs, you can find the right furniture for your cafe’s unique personality.

Shop For Bar Stools w/ High Back Online | Metal, Rattan or Wooden Timber Seat & More

If you are local in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart and shopping online, your item will be delivered in two (2) working days, provided all items are in stock. You can even make your payment over the phone or on the website to speed up the process.

Highback Bar Stools FAQs

What To Look For In High Back Bar Stool?

When looking for a bar stool with a high backrest for your business, make sure that it has backs high enough so that customers can sit comfortably behind the bar table. Look for a stool with either a sleek design or a luxe look that will complement the overall décor of your cafe or business.

Why Choose Bar Stools With High Backs For Bar Counters?

Upscale bars, restaurants and cafes typically choose bar stools with high backs. They may make your cafe seem more refined and provide more comfort and support. High backrests are not always reserved for formal situations; they may be at home in the kitchen.

What is the tallest stool back-rest height?

Some of the stool’s backrests can measure up to 116cm, while others are considerably lower at around 105cm high. It all depends on what type of stool you’re looking for and your personal preference.

What size is an extra-tall bar stool?

An extra-tall bar stool is typically around 84cm-92cm, which makes it taller than most bar stools.

Which is taller, the bar stool or the counter stool?

The bar height stools are usually about 10cm taller than the breakfast counter bar stools. Because bar tables are taller than breakfast bar or kitchen counter tables.

What is the highest height for a bar stool?

A typical height for a tall bar stool is about 92cm, though some are as low as 76cm.