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Our Sydney, New South Wales, Australia showroom is loaded with a wide variety of tables, bar stools, cafe seats, and stools. You may create your own unique look with our outdoor cafe chairs and furnishings, which come in a broad variety of designs, sizes, colors, and materials.

Chairforce offers a lot of options for fashionable, high-quality cafe and restaurant furniture in Sydney. We have a wide variety of options in both modern and timeless colors, materials, and styles. There is a number of high-quality options available to enhance your shop’s decor.

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Cafe Chairs

Inviting guests to relax in our high-quality cafe seats is a surefire way to increase sales.

Please look at our extensive selection of high-quality commercial furniture in Sydney’s central business district, made specifically for busy public eateries.

Adding contemporary furniture like tables and chairs is a strategy to attract new clients and keep your current customers coming back for more.

Our cafe offerings come in a wide selection of materials that may be mixed and matched to create a wide variety of looks.
The Chairforce line has the perfect seats for you.

Numerous individuals fail to recognize the significance and beauty of cafe chairs in basic interior design.
Several different styles of cafe chairs exist, each of which is guaranteed to enhance the overall decor of its host establishment.

Our cafe chairs are the perfect way to make your establishment more inviting to your customers.
We have everything you need, from bar stools to outside café seating so your guests can relax.

Choose from many different styles and sizes here.

They last a long time, and most of them are stackable to save space and simplify your workdays.

Replica Chairs

Create a welcoming break room, lounge with Chairforce replica designer cafe furniture. We have a great range to suit any space, style or budget.

Replica chairs come in a variety of design styles and represent the best in sleek, modern design. These were the first manufactured plastic chairs made in an industrial setting, and their design and durability have kept them popular over the years.

High-quality reproduction pieces are a great option; when done correctly, a replica chairs piece of furniture can be virtually indistinguishable from the original, ensuring that everyone can have a little designer style and personality in their home or office.

Completed Cafe Tables

Our collection of completed cafe table options that are available in a choice of colours, materials, designs and styles. Chairforce provides an extensive range of completed café tables that are ready for quick delivery service near Sydney CBD 2000.

The Complete Café Round Table is a timeless modern design that is both attractive and practical. The complete range of furniture is available for wholesale and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use! Lightweight and portable. Restaurants, cafes, and other outdoor seating areas are trendy. Use it in your home for a sleek, modern look.

Our complete cafe tables are available in the colour, size, and style you want, and they’re made of long-lasting materials. These rigid materials are ideal for the commercial restaurant industry, where they will be subjected to daily use. 

Our one-of-a-kind complete cafe tables are expertly crafted to complement your coffee shop, restaurant, or outdoor dining area while remaining within your budget.

Table Tops

Browse trendy tabletop designs at low rates to complement a variety of decors.

Many different table tops, including resin, solid wood, and others, are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Get in touch with Chairforce by calling them in Sydney, New South Wales.

Table tops of all shapes, sizes, and designs are available from us, and they are all built to last.
There is a wide variety of tabletop materials and designs, including wood.
Since they can withstand heavy daily usage in a commercial setting, these Table Tops are perfect for restaurants.

Table tops are an essential part of any restaurant, and we offer a wide variety for you.

Table Bases

Chairforce has table bases that come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common table base is the four-legged table, which can be made from multiple materials, including wood, metal, or plastic. Other standard table bases include pedestal, trestle, and X-shaped bases.

Cafe Stools

Café chairs stools needs to be strong and sturdy, but also comfortable and visually attractive to fit in with your décor.

Commercial Wholesale Furniture for Restaurants in Sydney

Finding commercial-grade counter height bar stools or furniture for your restaurant’s seating area can be difficult. Our cafe stools, perfect fit at a counter height bar, Chairforce has a wide selection of bar stools designed to be shorter (most sitting at a seat height of 24 “-26”).

These counter height bar stools are available in various styles and materials, including metal and wood. Backless, ladder back, and cross back stools are among the many styles available.

Our cafe stools are made of high-quality materials, allowing you to use them safely and comfortably on the same day. You can also relax your legs by putting your feet on the footstool.

Cafe Furniture Sydney FAQs


How Do I Clean Cafe Furniture in Sydney?

Here are several tips to help you clean your cafe or restaurant furniture. Don’t forget to wipe down the tables and chairs. Remember that the chairs get more wear and tear than any other part of the coffee shop’s furniture. When dealing with stains, use a damp cloth dipped in dish soap to scrub away grime. Rinse it out before proceeding with anything else. You can also steam clean your surfaces using an upright or hand steamer or purchase a cleaning machine for this task.

How Do I Carry The Stacked Chairs Indoors?

It’s best if you can take a hand trolley with you to carry in the chairs. If that’s not possible, then carry in one chair at a time.

How Do You Fold And Stack A Cafe Or Bistro Table?

Well, the method is quite simple. First, you need to fold it in half lengthwise and then place it on its side. After that, stack it up so that all the legs are facing down.

What Types of Chairforce Furniture in Sydney For Sale?

We stock a huge range of types of chairs for cafes. These are all designed to be used in coffee shops or restaurants. Some of them are more common than others. The most common type of chair for a cafe is wood (usually oak or ash). You can buy many variations at Chairforce, and they’ll be made from high-quality materials and will cost around $60-$100 per chair. The second most common type of chair for a cafe is a Tolix chair. Made with metal and will come in either aluminium or metal and can cost around $50-$85 per chair. Another type of chair is the folding metal chair, which is only suitable for indoor purposes.

What Types Of Cafe Tables Are There?

The most popular cafe table types are: Two to Four Person Tables, Bar Height Tables, Family Dining Tables, Booths and Outdoor Tables.

Who Might Use Chairforce’s Furniture in Sydney?

Buying café chairs, tables and other furnishings require careful thought. You can save a lot of money buying café equipment and furniture in a thrifty way. At ChairforceBuying at the best price also means buying quality that lasts. So should you buy second-hand café tables and chairs, or buy brand new? The answer may surprise you. Often, buying new furniture will be the better deal because old furniture might not create the vibe in your cafe that keeps patrons coming back.

Can I Leave Chairs Stacked For Long Periods?

The answer to this question largely falls on the type of chair you are using. For example, chairs with fixed backs should not be stacked for too long as the weight of the chairs may bend or break them. Chairs with adjustable backs should not be left stacked for more than a day as their backs will become damaged by the weight. If you want to stack chairs for longer, it will depend on where you are stacking them and how high the stack is.

How To Choose The Best Furniture For Your Cafe in Sydney?

Here are 6 tips for choosing the right furniture for your cafe:
1. Where is the café located
2. What kind of clients does the café target
3. What kind of ambience does the café want to offer
4. Does the restaurant want to offer outdoor seating for their customers
5. What are the dimensions of an individual table or booth
6. Do you have a fixed budget for your furniture?

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Are you looking to purchase cafe chairs for your restaurant?

The Top Guide to Buying the Best Cafe Furniture 2021

Improving your cafe’s ambience is always an excellent investment. It allows you to create a delightful experience through quality cafe furniture.

Summer is coming, and you are looking to create a great sidewalk cafe experience for your restaurant?

Sydney’s Best Cafe Furniture Yet

Sydney has a thriving coffee scene, with thousands of people visiting cafes daily.

To be successful, you need to provide your space with comfortable, stylish, and durable furniture.

At Chairforce, we’re an Australian-owned company with over 250,000 customers.

We have created a better way to go furniture shopping. Our services allow people to have the best experience possible when looking for quality pieces.

We ship throughout the entire country, but those based in the Sydney, NSW metro area can qualify for free shipping and, just like everyone else, they can benefit from our price-beat guarantee.

A trend-setting company, we make sure to stock our showroom with what is in-demand around the world. So whether you live in Sydney or enjoy a good coffee once in a while, rest assured that we’ll have something for you. We produce contemporary products with a commitment to sustainable production.

How to Choose the Right Cafe Furniture for Your Space

If you own a cafe, you know the importance of having the right furniture in place to make customers feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, you know that good customer service starts with good furniture.

To ensure that your customers have a great dining experience, read on to learn what are the best cafe furniture pieces to have on hand. We’ll discuss the types of furniture that are most popular, how to select the perfect pieces for your space, and how to care for them so your customers always have a good experience.

Chairforce Sydney

Furniture wholesaler in Silverwater, New South Wales

Address: 79 Derby St, Silverwater NSW 2128

Hours: Mo – Fri 9am to 5pm

Phone: (02) 8015 7999

Click Here for driving directions.

What is the procedure for ordering cafe chairs?

You have three options for doing so. You can place your order online, by phone, or in-person at our showroom.

Is it possible for me to pick it up from your showroom?

Items can only be picked up at our Sydney showroom.

Do you provide residential consumers with cafe quality chair?

Please visit our site, where we buy chairs, tables, bar stools, and more if you're seeking cafe quality chairs for your house.

Is it possible to see the products before making a purchase?

Yes, just visit us in Cafe Chairs Sydney and or visit us to our website, you can see the products in our showroom.

Do you sell cafe chairs all around Australia?

Yes, we sell Cafe chairs in Sydney and all of Australia's significant locations.

Is your cafe chairs quality meant to be used in a commercial setting?

Yes, all of our products complies with commercial standards.

What city are you in?

We are in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, in the year 2000.

How To Choose The Best Range Cafe Chairs and Tables?

It's clear that practicality matters when choosing cafe seating.

Are Metal, Leather Or Plastic Chairs A Better Choice?

Many coffee shops prefer metal chairs for their durability and retro look. The comfort of your patrons will dictate whether you require leather dining chairs for guests who'll stay longer or if plastic chairs are sufficient. Consider choosing a versatile PU fabric for a wipe-clean surface and softer seat.

Do Your Bistro Chairs Go On Sale Regularly?

Our bistro chairs Sydney are on sale all year round at a very attractive price. Because we source directly from the manufacturer, our huge range of restaurant chairs is more affordable than most other options out there. We don’t spend lots of money on fancy showrooms or travelling sales-people so we can afford to sell chairs, stools and tables to you at a lower price. We do offer you good customer service, friendly advice and time to discuss your order.

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It’s worth visiting the showroom because Casey’s assistance was outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble and their range was great. So pleased we found them!
by: Karina Reyne
Fantastic products for domestic or commercial use. Lovely customer service even when very busy. Very happy with our chairs purchased
by: Kristy HW