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At Chairfoce, we bring you cafe chairs of all varieties. View our vast range today at our Sydney showroom. Cafe chairs made of UV-resistant polypropylene, steel, and wood. To cover even the most latest design trends, we provide industrial, modern, and classic styles. Many colours work well in a variety of settings.

Whether you’re searching for a comprehensive café fit-out or just a few essential pieces of furniture Sydney to give your café interior or outdoor area a polished touch, Cafe Chairs Sydney is likely to have just what you’re looking for. We specialize in providing a select variety of commercial chairs that has been mainly developed for the hospitality industry, focusing on quality and cost. Our collection of chairs includes classic, modern, retro, vintage, industrial, and much more and is constantly evolving to keep up with design trends. Indeed, you might argue that we have something to satisfy everyone’s preferences. Why not let us be your one-stop shop for both indoor and outdoor chairs in a broad range of designs, materials, and colours, with most products maintained in stock for quick shipping?Metal chairs for your restaurant should be updated.
If you work in the restaurant industry, you know how critical it is to get every aspect of the customer experience precisely. Guests evaluate the sign over the entrance, the décor, the furnishings, the menu, the personnel, and the ambience instinctively and consciously the moment they walk into your establishment. Nothing should be left to chance, so if you’re looking for bistro seating for sale, you’ve come to the right site to guarantee that you’ll receive the most delicate designs at the best rates.Chairforce is a company that has been improving its service for over two decades to provide the best possible customer experience for people looking for restaurant chairs. Whether you are a tiny start-up restaurant or part of a large national franchise, you can be confident that we have a vast range of options available to you today that will not disappoint.We understand that no two restaurants should or desire to look alike, franchises included. As a result, we regularly update the restaurant tables and chairs we wholesale so that our clients have access to fresh new designs and the latest materials and trends.
Discover our range extensive product inventory is constantly available.We are the largest stockist of commercial hospitality equipment in Sydney New South Wales 2000, with over 10,000 chairs and 4000 tables available for immediate delivery. At any one time, you’ll be able to pick from over 500 different goods and colours.
Your dependable cafe chairs experts in Sydney NSW 2000
We have worked with numerous prominent restaurants and pubs as an industry leader exclusively specializing in hospitality furnishings. We’ve completed over 8000 tables and chairs installation projects that have been thoroughly tested and proved to look beautiful and durable.
Choose from a variety of seating options.

All of our cafe chairs are commercial-grade and with a minimum 12-month warranty located near Harbourfront Sydney opera House .

With our gorgeous variety of cafe chairs, you’ll stand out from the crowd. With such a large selection, you’ll be able to choose the perfect type of cafe chairs and tables for your area.

To present you with the most up-to-date seating alternatives, we keep our finger on the pulse of design. Outdoor chairs, timber chairs, bistro chairs, quirky industrial style designs, bentwood chairs, and food court seating are available. You may even chat to us about designing bespoke chairs. We have a style to suit every brand image, and we are delighted to assist.

All of our cafe chairs are commercial-grade and come with at least a 12-month guarantee. We are committed to giving you total confidence that your indoor or outdoor bistro or cafe chairs will last an extended period.

Travelodge Hotel Sydney Martin Place clients and Partners We’re delighted to work with some of the best names in the hospitality business to supply high-quality, fashionable hospitality chairs to the best pubs, cafés, hotels, and restaurants.

At Chairforce, we provide a wide selection of cafe chairs and seating. We offer a large selection of restaurant and cafe chairs available for purchase at Whether you’re searching for an entirely new chair design or something to complement your current décor, we’ll be able to assist you! Maximizing your eating space might be crucial to ensuring that your cafe or restaurant is profitable.
We prioritize the needs of our customers.
We’ve built a reputation for delivering high-quality chairs to businesses throughout Australia. Cafe Chairs Sydney – Adina Serviced Apartments Sydney Martin Place (Formerly Medina) takes pride in offering the hospitality sector both custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions.

We understand that the fit-out process might be time-consuming. We can give you full-scope project management that caters to your every requirement, whether you run a neighbourhood pub, a buzzing café, or a magnificent hotel. From the earliest planning phases through the final installation, we are adept at liaising with suppliers on your behalf and delivering specialized solutions that get the job done.

Our primary goal is to provide the most pleasing possible environment for your employees and consumers, complete with high-quality furnishings.

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Frequently asked Questions
What is the procedure for ordering cafe chairs?
You have three options for doing so. You can place your order online, by phone, or in-person at our showroom.
Is it possible for me to pick it up from your showroom?
Items can only be picked up at our Sydney showroom.
Do you provide residential consumers with cafe quality chair?
Please visit our site, where we buy chairs, tables, bar stools, and more if you’re seeking cafe quality chairs for your house.
Is it possible to see the products before making a purchase?
Yes, just visit us in Cafe Chairs Sydney and or visit us to our website, you can see the products in our showroom.
Do you sell cafe chairs all around Australia?
Yes, we sell Cafe chairs in Sydney and all of Australia’s significant locations.
Is your cafe chairs quality meant to be used in a commercial setting?
Yes, all of our products complies with commercial standards.
What city are you in?
We are in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, in the year 2000.
How To Choose The Best Range Cafe Chairs and Tables?
It’s clear that practicality matters when choosing cafe seating.

Your available space is the most important thing to consider.

Few things are more inconvenient than squeezing in between tables and chairs to get around a restaurant because the furnishings are too large.
Are Metal, Leather Or Plastic Design Chairs and Table A Better Choice?
Many coffee shops prefer metal chairs for their durability and retro look.

The comfort of your patrons will dictate whether you require leather dining chairs for guests who’ll stay longer or if plastic chairs are sufficient. Consider choosing a versatile PU fabric for a wipe-clean surface and softer seat.
Do Your Bistro Chairs and Tables Go On Sale Regularly?
Our bistro chairs Sydney are on sale all year round at a very attractive price.

Because we source directly from the manufacturer, our huge range of restaurant chairs is more affordable than most other options out there.

We don’t spend lots of money on fancy showrooms or travelling sales-people so we can afford to sell chairs, stools and tables to you at a lower price. We do offer you good customer service, friendly advice and time to discuss your order.

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  • Erik Vintage School Chair

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  • Breeze Chair

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  • Adella Black Plastic Chair .

    Adella Chair

    $49 inc. GST
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  • Nikko Net Armchair Black .

    Nikko Net Armchair

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  • French Cafe Chairs,
    french seats

    French Bistro Outdoor Cafe Chair

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  • camilla chair
    camilla chair

    Camilla Chair

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  • Viento Chair, Black .

    Replica Viento Chair

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  • Breeze Armchair

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  • Javi Chair

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  • Santos Outdoor Chair
    Santos Outdoor Chair, black

    Santos Outdoor Armchair

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  • Santos Outdoor Chair, black
    Santos Outdoor Chair, black

    Santos Outdoor Dining Chair

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    Atlas Chair in Black .
    Atlas Chair in Black

    Atlas Slatted Chair

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