Commercial Dining & Bar Tables | Restaurant & Bistro Tables

Choose from 3 heights of table, to suit locations from the most formal to casual cafe dining and beyond. Commercial grade and built to take a hammering, you’re sure to find a table to suit. Need help? Give us a call or come visit.

Kitchen and Dining Room Tables

There are many different types of tables that can be used in the kitchen and dining room, but all of them are created with the same purpose in mind. Dining and kitchen tables are all meant to provide a surface that can be used to eat, work, write, or complete any other task that requires a flat expanse of space.

Round Table Dining Table

Round table dining table is a kind of dining table design, which has a round shape and is used for dining. People usually turn to round tables for a few reasons: It can make a small dining area appear larger and more open by ending the table at the wall and creating a space in the middle of the room.