Commercial Grade Table Bases

Bases of every sort. Commercial-grade bar height, kitchen bench height, dining table height and even coffee table height. Suitable for round, square and long table tops. Sure to be one you’ll love in the dozens below.

Table Bases – Buy Commercial-Grade Tables Bases Online

Bar Table Base

Bar table base, as the name suggests is a base of a bar table that supports the weight of a bar table. The bar table base is available in various designs, shapes and sizes.

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Coffee table base

The coffee outdoor table base is a part of a coffee table. The bases for coffee tables are available in different materials like wood, steel, iron, etc. Some coffee tables can be fixed to the wall, while some are free standing.

Dining table base

The base of dining custom table is the foundation of the dining table, but the table base is not just about sturdiness. You have to look for the dining table base that will match the style of the dining table. There are several table bases available in the market.

How many times have you been to your favourite restaurant and suddenly realized that the table looks a little wobbly? Table bases are an easy fix for rickety tables, although it can be a little tricky to figure out what style of base you need without knowing the name of the manufacturer. We are here to help! We feature kitchen table bases materials such as aluminium, cast iron, powder-coated steel and stainless steel table bases.

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  • Pedestal dining table legs
  • Metal dining table bases
  • Table base frames
  • Coffee table bases
  • Kitchen counter table bases
  • Bar table bases
  • Outdoor table bases

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Restaurant Table Bases

We are your guide to the many different types of restaurant table bases today, including steel metal bases for tabletops, wood dining table legs, pedestal bases & Table Base Systems. Chairforce offers the best selection of pedestal table legs that can be used with our complete line of table legs that fit your restaurant’s ‘Vibe’.

What makes the different types of table bases?

There are many different shapes and types of base legs for tabletops, including cast iron and aluminium dining table legs, pedestal bases and even table base systems. All three styles offer something unique to the look and feel of your restaurant or pub. The best type depends on the décor in which they will be placed.
A modern looking restaurant may want to go with steel table bases, while an older looking establishment might prefer wood dining table legs. Visit Chairforce today to find coffee table bases, kitchen table Legs, table base systems, and more!

Table Base Styles

Explore the best style of table bases for your restaurant, cafe or pub with our huge selection! We offer a variety of styles, lengths and colours available. Metal table bases are popular as pedestal dining table legs, but some table bases systems also lack a portion.

When you’re looking for a table base to match your table top, chairforce offers only the highest quality table bases and accessories; so pre order now or subscribe below to get the latest news. We provide superior quality products and exceptional customer service that is second-to-none. At Chairforce, we focus on you, our valued customer – we believe it’s vital to listen to what you want and need to ensure your table bases are what you are after.

At Chairforce, we offer high-quality weather resistant products that do not sacrifice style for affordability, including the best selection of cast iron and aluminium table legs on the market! When you choose us for your metal table bases needs, you can rest assured knowing that our prices won’t break the bank while maintaining a level of excellence unmatched by any other online retailer.

Table Legs FAQs

How do I choose a table base?

Your choice of table base will depend very much on the use and style you are looking to achieve. Cast iron bases are great for alfresco and heavy traffic areas. They are heavy and solid, with adjustable feet for stable dining experience. Aluminium bases will not rust and are lighter – perfect for daily lifting in and out during trading hours. Hairpin and individual table legs are also perfect for a variety of size table tops and are a stylish look for home and commerce.

How do you strengthen a table base?

All chairforce table bases are extremely strong and do not need to be strengthened.

How do you attach legs to a table?

All our table bases are extremely easy to setup. There are 3 screw pre-drilled holes in the top bracket for secure fixing to your table top in our hairpin table legs.

How much weight can table base support?

All chairforce table bases are extremely strong and do not need to be strengthened.

How do I stop my table base from wobbling?

It’s as simple as rotating the table till it stops shaking or adjusting the table legs. Look for adjustable feet when choosing a base if you have uneven floors.

What is a trestle table base?

A trestle table is made up of two supports connected by a stretcher (longitudinal cross-bar), which supports a board or tabletop. Trestle tables are extra sturdy and used for rectangular table shapes.