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Shop Chairforce ultra-stylish collection of high quality café furniture in a wide variety of styles and designs. We provide extensive range of colours, materials, and classic designs that follow the current design trends. There are a wide variety of top quality products to choose from to complement your hospitality environment.

Cafe Chairs

Chairforce have a huge warehouses nationwide that we keep fully stocked. If you are looking for new cafe furniture near you, we deliver to all major cities in Australia, such as cafe furniture Brisbane, cafe furniture Sydney, cafe furniture Adelaide, cafe furniture Canberra, cafe furniture Darwin, cafe furniture Gold Coast, cafe furniture Melbourne, cafe furniture Perth, cafe furniture Hobart and outdoor cafe furniture.
Cafe Furniture

Chairforce Best Chairs Furniture

Image Thumb Name Price
Replica Steel Furniture Replica Tolix Chair, Raw Steel $65
Javi Chair Javi Chair $59
Eames Black Replica Eames Chair $45

Give your customers a comfy seat with our top tier quality cafe chairs. Browse through our huge inventory of commercial furniture designed for heavy use in public dining areas or restaurant space.

Replica Chairs

Create a welcoming break room, lounge with Chairforce replica designer cafe furniture. We have a great range to suit any space, style or budget.

Completed Cafe Tables

Our collection of completed cafe table options that are available in a choice of colours, materials, designs and styles. Chairforce provides an extensive range of completed café tables that are ready for quick delivery service Australia wide.

Table Bases

Chairforce have table bases of every sort. Choose from commercial-grade bar height, kitchen bench height, dining table height and even coffee table height.

Cafe Furniture FAQs


Here are several tips to help you clean your cafe or restaurant furniture.

Wipe down tables and chairs regularly with a mild liquid dish soap and water. Rinse or wipe dry thoroughly. Remember that the chairs get more wear and tear than any other part of the coffee shop’s furniture.

How To Choose Cafe Furniture?

Here are 6 questions to consider when choosing the right furniture for your cafe:
1. Where is the café located. Do you want to offer outdoor seating?
2. What kind of customers are you looking to attract.
3. What kind of ambience does the café want to offer.
4. What are the dimensions of the table you would like to use.
5. Do you have a fixed budget for your furniture?

How Do I Carry The Stacked Chairs Indoors?

It’s best if you can take a hand trolley with you to carry in the chairs. If that’s not possible, then carry in 2 chairs at a time if they can be stacked. When lifting heavy items bend your legs, not your back.

How Do You Fold And Stack A Cafe Or Bistro Table?

Well, the method is quite simple. First, you need to fold it in half lengthwise using the folding lever under the table top. Then lift the table by it’s base – not the table top as this put extra pressure on the screws.

What Types of Chairs Do You Sell?

We stock a huge range of chairs designed to be used in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, home and any commercial setting. Some of them are more common than others, including UV resistant polypropylene,  timber provincial chairs and metal Tolix chairs. You can buy many variations at Chairforce, and they’ll be made from high-quality materials and will cost around $60-$95 per chair.

What Types Of Cafe Tables Are There?

The most popular cafe table types are: Two to Four Person Tables, Bar Height Tables, Family Dining Tables, Booths and Outdoor Tables.

Who Might Use Chairforce’s Cafe Furniture?

Buying café chairs, tables and other furnishings requires careful thought. Chairforce offer chairs, stools and tables at affordable prices, but without compromising on quality. Chairforce customers understand the quality and durability gives them much better value for money.

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Are you looking to purchase cafe chairs for your restaurant?

The Top Guide to Buying the Best Cafe Furniture 2021

Improving your cafe’s ambience is always an excellent investment. It allows you to create a delightful experience through quality cafe furniture.

Summer is coming, and you are looking to create a great sidewalk cafe experience for your restaurant?

Australia’s Best Cafe Furniture Yet

Australia has a thriving coffee scene, with thousands of people visiting cafes daily.

To be successful, you need to provide your space with comfortable, stylish, and durable furniture.

At Chairforce, we’re an Australian-owned company with over 250,000 customers.

We have created a better way to go furniture shopping. Our services allow people to have the best experience possible when looking for quality pieces.

We ship throughout the entire country, but those based in the Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, and Melbourne, metro area can qualify for free shipping and, just like everyone else, they can benefit from our price-beat guarantee.

A trend-setting company, we make sure to stock our showroom with what is in-demand around the world. So whether you live in where we local stores near you or enjoy a good coffee once in a while, rest assured that we’ll have something for you. We produce contemporary products with a commitment to sustainable production.

How to Choose the Right Cafe Furniture for Your Space

If you own a cafe, you know the importance of having the right furniture in place to make customers feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, you know that good customer service starts with good furniture.

To ensure that your customers have a great dining experience, read on to learn what are the best cafe furniture pieces to have on hand. We’ll discuss the types of furniture that are most popular, how to select the perfect pieces for your space, and how to care for them so your customers always have a good experience.

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