Kitchen Counter Stools

Shop kitchen counter-height stools here at Chairforce Australia; we offer affordable prices for counter stools and other commercial furniture. We’re constantly sourcing new stylish yet durable designs for your restaurant needs, all available online for shipping nationwide. View more bar stools.

Featured Kitchen Counter Stool Product

The Brigitte No 18 Bentwood Kitchen Stool is made from solid timber bent using both moisture and heat. Due to its iconic adaptable design and robust construction, this simple bentwood stool has a timeless charm.
Kitchen Counter Stools

Chairforce’s Best Selling Kitchen Counter Stools

SKU Product Name Colours Seat Height
AT350326-COL Replica Tolix Breakfast Bar / Kitchen Counter Stool Black, Blue, Limey, Matt Black, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Yellow 66 cm
JUNOBS Juno Kitchen Bar Stool Black, Grey 70 cm
ZOLACS Zola Kitchen Counter Stool Black, Natural, Walnut 61 cm
AIRCS Breeze Kitchen Counter Stool, black, white Black, White 66 cm
BRIGCS-BK Brigitte No 18 Bentwood Kitchen Stool Black 66 cm

Shop Modern Counter Height Stools For Your Kitchen Island

The typical height of a kitchen island is about 91cm. You will need 60cm to 67cm tall kitchen bar stools. The most important thing is to make sure that the seat is the right height for your counter so that you are comfortable sitting at the counter. Check out our 65cm counter stools.

Commercial Quality Kitchen Stools On Sale at Unbeatable Prices

Many styles are available at great sale prices but are still the same durable kitchen stools for your breakfast bar counter. You’ll be able to find some fantastic deals on items like Tolix kitchen counter stools, a range of kitchen tables and more. Visit our sales page now!

Kitchen Countertop Stools – Things To Consider Before Buying

The room’s design is a significant factor in determining which counter stools are best for your restaurant or house. Stools with wooden seats are a classic choice for a more traditional dining area. Almost all stools made of metal or plastic are good options for a contemporary dining environment.
The appropriate stool height for the countertop should also be considered. If the stool’s seat is at the same level as the countertop, sitting on such a high seat would be inconvenient. On the other hand, if the height is too short may be challenging to reach the counter.

Upholstered Leather Counter Stools in Your Kitchen

The kitchen bar counter stools can also be seen as upholstered. Cushioned seats are preferable for the extended sitting duration because of their superior comfort. In addition to being more comfortable, upholstered counter stools are more aesthetically pleasing since they are available in more design options.
If you want counter stools upholstered in your kitchen, choose a fabric that will withstand frequent use and is simple to wipe off. It’s also important that the stool has adequate padding to prevent you from experiencing discomfort when sitting on it.

Small Kitchen Countertop Stools

Choose one of the tiny stools if your room is on the smaller side. These chairs may be stacked to save space, yet they sit several people comfortably. If you have a large dining room, you may love to pick one of the larger stools. These stools are great for seating and can also be utilised as a makeshift table in need.
No matter the counter stool you purchase, be sure it is comfy. Considering how much time you’ll be spending on your stool, it should be as comfortable as possible. You may also want to buy a stool with a backrest to lean back and relax while cooking or working in the kitchen.

Counter Stools That Swivel – Counter Height Swivel Bar Stools

Another great option is counter height bar stools that swivel because it makes it easy for customers to get in and out of them.

Kitchen Counter Stools FAQs

How Tall Are Counter Kitchen Stools?

Some bar stools with back counter height should be around 66cm, which is a comfortable height for most people. Our counter-height bar stools with backs are available in various colours to match your kitchen décor. Counter-height stools with backs can add an elegant touch to your cafe and make it more comfortable to sit at the counter.

Are Metal Stools Better Than Leather Bar Stools?

A metal counter stool might be a good choice for a commercial setting. Unlike upholstered stools, which may soak up liquids and get stained, counter stools’ metal can be cleaned quickly and easily. Check out our Tolix kitchen stools with sleek design best suited for cafes, bars and pubs.

Are Wooden Bar Stools With Rattan Seat Good For Commercial Setting?

If your cafe or restaurant has a more traditional feel, you may like one of the classic styles. Buy online now, we have a range of counter stools available made from wood. You might be interested on our bentwood Bridget No. 18 without backrest and bentwood breakfast bar stools with rattan seat and high backs.

Do you have swivel counter stools with backs?

Unfortunately, we do not have swivel stools but just bar stools with back. Our Breeze counter stools for the kitchen with backrest are at a very affordable price of $115.

Is there a difference between a counter stool and a bar stool?

Counter stools and bar stools typically have different uses. A counter stool generally is smaller and meant for sitting at the counter, while a bar stool is larger and typically used in bars or pubs.

Are bar stools too high for the kitchen Countertop?

Bar-height stools could measure up to 76cm tall, which is way too high, can be uncomfortable, and hinder your eating ability. Consider the breakfast bar height stools that measure 66cm tall to fit a kitchen countertop height of 91cm.

Where To Buy Kitchen Counter Stools?

If you can’t find the perfect stool near your area, you can shop online and have it delivered to you. Chairforce Australia has six local stores across the country to serve your needs.

What is Your Furniture Delivery Charge?

If you are within the Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Queensland or Melbourne area, shipping starts at only $29.

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  • Lola Industrial Vintage Kitchen Stool

    $59 inc. GST
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  • Replica Yvonne Potter ‘Y’ Counter Stool

    $64 inc. GST
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  • Breeze Kitchen Counter Stool – 5 Colours

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    Juno Kitchen Bar Stool ,

    Juno Kitchen Bar Stool

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  • hans wegner bar stool
    Hans Wegner counter stool

    Hans Wegner Replica Stool with Rope Seat

    $124 inc. GST
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  • Zola Kitchen Counter Stool ,
    Zola Kitchen Counter Stool

    Zola Kitchen Counter Stool

    $99 inc. GST
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  • Crossback kitchen stool ,
    Crossback kitchen stool ,

    French Provincial Crossback Kitchen Counter Stool with Rattan Seat

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    Hoffman 811 Replica Rattan Kitchen Stool

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  • Bongo Kitchen Counter Stool ,
    Bongo Kitchen Counter Stool ,

    Bongo Kitchen Counter Stool

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  • Hairpin kitchen counter stool ,
    Hairpin kitchen counter stool ,

    Hairpin Counter Stool Raw Timber Seat, black, white, red, silver

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    Hairpin kitchen counter stool ,

    Hairpin Breakfast Bar Stool Gloss Seat

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  • benny kitchen counter stool ,
    benny kitchen counter stool ,

    Benny Breakfast Bar Stool

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