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Buy Commercial-grade chairs that conveniently stack for convenience. Shop our range of lightweight, versatile and colourful options are available. See all colours by clicking on the product below.

About Chairforce’s Stacking Cafe Chairs | Stacking Outdoor Chairs

Stackable Chairs

Chairforce’s stacking outdoor chairs are Ideal for busy cafes, outdoor dining, bars, pubs, balconies and restaurants. Our chairs have been UV stabilized to slow the colour-fading process. Your colour will last longer in our harsh Australian climate. When it comes to outdoor hospitality settings, these seats are a must-have.

Many different types are available in outdoor chairs, so you may select one that suits your outdoor décor. Additionally, you may choose from a wide range of colours to make it simple to match your current décor.

Folding Chairs vs Stacking Chairs

A folding chair is exactly what it sounds like: a chair that can be folded up and put away fast. They are excellent for events that require swift chair setup and take down due to their portability and small weight. A perfect option if you need to stack chairs is a set of folding chairs because they nest neatly inside one another.

Stackable chairs, however, don’t need to be folded up. Thanks to their stackable structure, they may be piled on top of one another. These are an excellent option if you need a lot of seating but won’t regularly set up or take it down. The structure of a stackable chair can handle a lot of weight, making them a great option if you need highly durable chairs.

Clearance Sale Best Prices On Stackable Chairs and Other Furnitures For A Limited Time

Currently marked down as we sell our remaining stock of these models. Chairforce’s usual high-quality and fashionable furniture designs are on sale at discounted prices. The quality has not been compromised in any way. Due to limited quantities, we can only ship items to specific states. Please call to discuss delivery options if you are out of state, as these low prices do not include shipping outside the state quoted on the product page. Hurry and visit our sales page now.

Buy Online Stackable Chairs For Sale Ready For Shipping Nationwide

Our website sells stackable chairs and offers to ship anywhere in the country. You may choose the ideal seat for your home or office among our many styles and colour options. We have a large variety of classic and contemporary chairs for you to choose from. Furthermore, our seats are available at remarkably low prices without compromising quality.

Stackable Chairs FAQs

Are Bentwood Chairs Best For Stacking?

Chairs made of bent wood cannot be stacked. Bentwood can easily be distorted or sagged when stacked, rendering it useless. A minimum of 5 cm clearance is required on all sides when stacking bentwood chairs.

What Are Stacking Chairs?

Chairs that may be piled with one another are known as “stacking chairs.” They are typically manufactured from metal or plastic and feature a carry handle on the rear for portability. Weddings, conferences, and parties are just a few occasions where stacking chairs come in handy.

Where To Shop Stackable Chairs in Australia?

Chairforce is proud to offer a wide selection of stackable chairs in our six showrooms across Australia. If you can’t make it to our showroom, buy it here now and we will ship your item as soon as possible anywhere across Australia. Contact us today, and our friendly customer service representative will help you find the best chairs.

Looking For Chairs For Your Office Events?

Stacking chairs are a practical choice when many seats are needed for an office function and must be set up or taken down quickly. They also fit into smaller spaces and add less clutter to an office area.

How Much Are Chairs That Can Be Stacked?

Our chairs that can be stacked are widely available, starting from $49 to $154, making them a fantastic bargain for those on a tighter budget. Also, check out our chairs on sale at discounted prices; you can find chairs for as low as $29. We got a fantastic solution if you need a lot of seats for a low cost, visit our sales page now.

Why Buy Stacking Chairs From has the best selection of stacking chairs at the lowest possible costs. You’ll be able to locate the ideal seats for your needs from our vast inventory of chairs spanning a wide range of designs, colours, and materials.

Chairforce’s Best Stackable Chairs

SKU Product Name Colours Stackable
AT3534-COL Replica Tolix Chair Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Yellow Yes
SANTOS Santos Outdoor Dining Chair Black, Blue, Champagne, Red, Green Yes
SAL Salina Chair Black, Coral, Dijon, Olive Green, Slate Blue Yes
CROSRAT French Provincial Cross Back Dining Chair Black, Natural, Walnut, White Yes
RMC092 Mia Chair Black, White, Grey, Sage Yes

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  • NEW Elena Armchair

    $64 inc. GST
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  • NEW Elena Chair

    $54 inc. GST
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  • Paula Chair

    $44 inc. GST
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  • Erik Vintage School Chair

    $79 inc. GST
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  • Breeze Chair

    $49 inc. GST
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  • Adella Black Plastic Chair .

    Adella Chair

    $49 inc. GST
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  • French Cafe Chairs,
    french seats

    French Bistro Outdoor Cafe Chair

    $89 inc. GST
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  • camilla chair
    camilla chair

    Camilla Chair

    $49 inc. GST
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  • Viento Chair, Black .

    Replica Viento Chair

    $39 inc. GST
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  • Breeze Armchair

    $59 inc. GST
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  • Javi Chair

    $49 inc. GST
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  • Santos Outdoor Chair
    Santos Outdoor Chair, black

    Santos Outdoor Armchair

    $109 inc. GST
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