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Browse our wide selection of Replica Bentwood Dining Chairs for every style and activity. Our bent wood chair, is a great choice for either indoor or outdoor applications. With its stylish looks, this chair makes a great addition to any space.

Chairforce have a huge warehouses nationwide that we keep fully stocked of bentwood dining chairs. If you are looking for new bentwood chairs near you, we deliver to all major cities in Australia, such as bentwood chairs Brisbane, bentwood chairs Sydney, bentwood chairs Adelaide, bentwood chairs Canberra, bentwood chairs Darwin, bentwood chairs Gold Coast, bentwood chairs Melbourne, bentwood chairs Perth and bentwood chairs Tasmania.

Bentwood Chairs of Chairforce – Best Bentwood Thonet Replica

Few chairs are as iconic as the Thonet Bentwood Chair. Originally created in 1859 by Michael Thonet, this chair was groundbreaking for its day. Its basic, yet attractive design and construction made it both durable and lightweight, excellent for usage in cafés and restaurants. Today, the Bentwood Chair is still popular, and numerous businesses create reproductions of this iconic design.

While the original Thonet Bentwood Chair was constructed of beech wood, many of today’s copies are made of different woods, such as maple or oak. The wood is heated and bent into the peculiar shape of the chair, and then the wood is allowed to cure. This procedure results in a robust and flexible chair that is comfortable to sit on.

The Bentwood Chair is a timeless design that will never go out of style. Whether you are seeking for a chair for your home or business, or you are looking for a unique present, a replica Thonet Bentwood Chair is a terrific choice.

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FAQ Bentwood Chairs

Where to buy bentwood chairs in Australia?

Chairforce has six locations in Australia where our bentwood chairs are on display. You can find a showroom near you in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Hobart.

How much do bentwood chairs cost?

The Chairforce Replica Bentwood Dining Chairs start from $125 and are available in a range of colours.

Are bentwood chairs stackable?

Bentwood chairs are not designed to stack. But you can stack one on top of another by turning one upside down and placing seat to seat.

How are bentwood chairs made?

Crafting something with a bent wood structure that can hold weight takes a bit more carpentry skill. Bent wood techniques are classified in Milling Solid Stock (direct woodcarving way), Steam Bending, Kerf Bending, Plate Bending, Lamination Bending etc.

Are bentwood chairs comfortable?

Chairforce Bentwood chairs never disappoint when it comes to comfort. Our Brigitte bentwood chair range is a modern version of the traditional bentwood style featuring a larger diameter seat and the classic curved backrest. They are light, durable, comfortable, easy to wipe down and narrow enough to fit lots of chairs around the table.

It’s worth visiting the showroom because Casey’s assistance was outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble and their range was great. So pleased we found them!
by: Karina Reyne
Fantastic products for domestic or commercial use. Lovely customer service even when very busy. Very happy with our chairs purchased
by: Kristy HW