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Browse our wide selection of Replica Bentwood Dining Chairs Thonet Perth for every style and activity. Our bent wood chair, is a great choice for either indoor or outdoor applications. With its stylish looks, this chair makes a great addition to any space.

FAQ Bentwood Chairs Perth


Where to buy bentwood chairs in Perth WA?


Chairforce has local store in WA Australia where our bentwood chairs are on display. You can find a showroom near you in Osborne Park 6025.


How much do bentwood chairs cost?


The Chairforce Replica Bentwood Dining Chairs Thonet Perth start from $125.00 and are available in a range of colours.


Are bentwood chairs stackable?


The short answer is no. Bentwood chairs are not stackable. Bentwood tends to distort or sag when put under pressure, which makes it unsuitable for stacking. If you want to stack your bentwood chairs, it’s important to have at least 5 cm clearance on all sides for them to stay sturdy when stacked.


How are bentwood chairs made?


Crafting something with a bent wood structure that can hold weight takes a bit more carpentry skill. Bent wood techniques are classified in Milling Solid Stock (direct woodcarving way), Steam Bending, Kerf Bending, Plate Bending, Lamination Bending etc.


Are bentwood chairs comfortable?


Chairforce Bentwood chairs never disappoint when it comes to comfort. Our Brigitte bentwood chair range is a modern version of the traditional bentwood style featuring a larger diameter seat and the classic curved backrest. They are light, durable, comfortable, easy to wipe down and narrow enough to fit lots of chairs around the table.


How to restore bentwood chairs?


Bentwood chairs are extremely durable. However, over many years of frequent use, even the most sturdy chair needs some T.L.C. If the glue on your bentwood chairs has cracked or worn off, regluing them is essential. In addition, tightening any joints and screws is also recommended.


How to paint bentwood chairs?


Repainting bentwood chairs is a great way to add some colour and personality into a dining room. If you want to use spray paint, prep the surface of your chair thoroughly. Warm soapy water and a cloth is a good start. You need to remove all the dirt from the surface. To remove any grease, oil or rust, try to use some solvent. Allow your chairs to dry completely. Lightly sand them next with a #400 or finer sandpaper. Smooth some spots and some areas where the paint has been removed previously. The next step is to prime them and make sure they are completely dry.


How to identify a bentwood chair?


One of the most recognizable chairs in the history of the furniture industry are Bentwood chairs. They get their name because the wood in these chairs has been bent into a specific position.


How to identify an antique Thonet bentwood chair?


At Chairforce, our bentwood range consists of replica Thonet bentwood chairs, such as our popular Brigitte Bentwood. However, if you want to identify an antique original bentwood chair, there is plenty of information on Thonet furniture you can find. The very early Thonet chairs used to have stamps embossed into the bottom of the seat frame. At the beginning of the 1860s, Thonet started to use paper labels. Around 1880, Thonet started to mark its chairs with black stamps on a plate. Many other details help to tell apart a genuine Thonet, such as the construction of the seat frame (laminated, enforcements, etc.).

At Chairforce, we sell commercial grade bentwood chairs. We have specialised in making
Thonet bentwood chair and solid wood chair parts furniture for living rooms, dining room etc.
Durable and versatile for dining and extra seating in cafes and restaurants, the Thonet chair is
available in various options at our Perth furniture outlet. We also offer traditional chairs,
stools, and dining suites with rectangular and circular tables.

bentwood dining chairs PerthBest Bentwood Chair: Reviews of the Top 5 Bentwood Chairs 2021

You can find some beautiful pieces of furniture in just about every cafe and restaurant in Perth,
but many of them are made from materials that are short-lasting.
But if you’ve found yourself sitting on hard chairs, you no doubt want to make sure you’re sitting
on something that’s comfortable.
That’s why we’ve put together this guide to some of the best, most comfortable bentwood chairs
on the market today.
So, if you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture to take your cafe from great to amazing,
this guide is for you.

Vintage vs Replica Bentwood Chairs

Vintage bentwood chairs are often seen as more valuable because of the nostalgia they evoke,
but replicas can be just as good.
Vintage chairs are usually older and more expensive than the replicas. They also have a certain
charm to them that is absent in replicas. Replicas, on the other hand, are usually more affordable
and offer better design options. However, they lack the personality of vintage chairs.

What is the return policy like for Bentwood chairs?

Our bentwood chairs have the same shipping and return policy as all other items.
Shipping charges are for metro areas of Perth and other major cities.
The no 18 bentwood chair is a genuine Michael Thonet designed bentwood chair handcrafted in
Europe and manufactured especially for Chairforce Australia.

How Strong Are Your Bentwood Chairs?

Popular restaurant dining chairs at affordable wholesale prices like this genuine bentwood no.
However, if you want to identify an antique original bentwood chair, there is plenty of
information on Thonet furniture you can find.
Made from solid timber, the bentwood wooden dining chair is built to last.
The bentwood chair is amongst the most popular choices for timber dining chairs in the furniture
industry for 2021.
Our Thonet bentwood chairs are made with a solid mold to ensure a strong and durable, scratch-
resistant chair and maintains a beautiful looking chair.

What are the benefits of buying bentwood dining chairs?

The simple, well designed bentwood dining chairs are known for their style, comfort and lasting

What types of dining chairs can I buy?

Commercial Dining Chairs Can Be Stylish & Durable For cafes and bistros, we offer a wide
selection of bentwood restaurant chairs from bentwood dining chairs to commercial dining chairs
to café chairs.

The History of Bentwood Chairs

The first bentwood chairs were created in Austria by Michael Thonet who became preoccupied
by the idea of bending wood to make a simple chair.
You can find a showroom near you in Perth, WA.

Chairforce Customer Service

At Chairforce, the customer comes first. That’s why our customer service experience is excellent.
Online payments and in-store payments are both possible. We don’t support AfterPay, but Paypal
payments are accepted.
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It’s worth visiting the showroom because Casey’s assistance was outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble and their range was great. So pleased we found them!
by: Karina Reyne
Fantastic products for domestic or commercial use. Lovely customer service even when very busy. Very happy with our chairs purchased
by: Kristy HW