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Pietra Cement Table Tops are made from glass fibre reinforced concrete that has been developed specifically to withstand wide ranges of weather variation found across Australia. Perfect for outdoor use.

120 x 70cm – NSW (8), QLD (2)
120 x 80cm – NSW (8), QLD (3), VIC (21), WA (8)

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Glass fibre reinforced cement (GRC) has been developed to withstand the wide ranges of weather found in Australia.  It is incredibly durable and weather resistant.
Each table top is handmade, with either a cement look or an oak-impressed timber grain effect.

Each has a unique pattern, with subtle colour variations and mottling of the concrete. No two tops will be identical.
You’ll notice slight irregularities like subtle variations in colour, texture and porosity, gentle mottling, curing variance or hairline cracks that appear over time. These make each table unique without affecting its structural integrity.

• 3-year limited warranty.
• STRONG & LIGHTWEIGHT GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced) – using glass fibres as reinforcement underneath a solid 5mm cement top layer.
• Weather resistant. Wipe spills to avoid water marks. We recommend sealing concrete table tops with Sure Seal Concrete table sealant.
• Low maintenance.
• Resistant to cigarette burns. (Avoid placing very hot items directly on your table top. We recommend use of heat resistant mats)
• Pietra cement table tops are also available in round and square.
• Also available in White and Oak look.

These table tops are heavy. When ordering please ensure that you have at least two people available to unload large table tops when delivered.
120 x 70cm: 23 kg
120 x 80cm: 26 kg

This cement top cannot be drilled into for custom fitting of bases.
Pre-drilled, metal inserts are supplied on the underside of this table top, for straightforward attachment to the Chairforce range of bases with square attachment plates.*
Screws are supplied when you purchase this top with a Chairforce base.
* Will not fit the Lorenzo double base. If in doubt please ask.

All prices include GST.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 120 × 70 × 20 cm
Pietra Cement Table Tops are 40mm thick.
Click the 'Choose an Option' above to see all sizes available.
When cared for properly your GRC (glass fibre reinforced cement) table will bring you many years of use.
We recommend to seal your Pietra cement table top before use. See recommendations below.

Clean daily with a damp cloth or mild soapy water. Do not use any chemicals or harsh abrasives. Clean up spills im- mediately. Clean your concrete product as you would natural stone surfaces such as marble or granite, using warm water and a soft cloth.
DO NOT use any chemicals or harsh abrasives. Avoid contact with acidic substances such as citrus or olive oil, which can damage the sealant. Do not use any heavy abrasive, bleach-based or ammoniated cleansers. Always test a new cleaning product on an inconspicuous area of the table first to ensure your cleaner is compatible with the finish.

Concrete is pretty durable material and can take large compressive forces pretty well, but it doesn’t fare well against concentrated, sharp forces. So please keep your sharp objects away from this table top. These table tops are designed for every-day use in one location. If you regularly re-arrange your cafe seating area please ensure you protect the edge from other objects. If your table top is showing signs of wear, please reach out to our staff and they will send you a complementary touch up kit.

Chairforce recommends the use of a Sure Seal Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer.
The Sure Seal range is available from Beaumont Tiles, Tile Factory and Mitre 10 (Craft Decor - WA only) - please call your local store to check stock. It is available in a quick dry aerosol that will cover up to 18 square meters; is quick dry- ing and easy to use. It seals and protects surfaces against water and oil-based staining, making your table easier to clean. It dries invisible and will not leave a film or discolouration. Sure Seal can be reapplied regularly, depending on usage.
To find your local store, please call Sure Seal helpline: 03 9561 8899

TO APPLY: Simply clean your table with warm soapy water, let the table dry and apply the spray sealer. Apply 2 coats with an even spray. The product dries quickly so you will be able to re-apply almost straight away. *Please ensure there are no pre-existing stains, as once the sealer is applied those stains will be set.
*PLEASE NOTE: This sealer is resistant to water and oil, not acidic substances such as wine, tomato sauce or coffee. Any slightly acidic food will stain and needs to be wiped immediately.
If you require a permanent stain-resistant seal please consider using a topical type sealer. More information on Sure Seal Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer can be found here.

Like everything, there are varying degrees of performance to be expected from your setting depending on the environment they are used in. A setting kept in a covered area is going to have a longer lifespan than say one kept uncovered with full exposure to the elements. These factors should be taken into account when selecting your table and how you go about protecting it. Guides given here are aimed at giving you the best information to prolong the life of your beautiful table top.
Needless to say, to avoid scratching and potential cracks/chips from over vigorous staff piling up chairs on your table, please do not stack chairs on your table top. Stackable chairs are an ideal option.
Do not place extremely hot pans/dishes or wet glasses directly onto the table top, as this can cause sealer discolouration and rings. We recommend use of place mats.
Use felt pads on the bottom of objects that will remain on the table top for long periods. This is especially important with natural stone materials or items that contain moisture; residual moisture can transfer to the concrete and cause discolouration.
Always wipe up spills quickly to avoid staining.

Click to download your Pietra Cement Table Top Care and Maintenance Guide.

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