Luisa Aluminium Dining Table Set 120 x 80cm


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Our Luisa is slatted and powder-coated aluminium in black, so she’s weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor cafes or gardens with zero concerns of her rusting. The lush curves are present here too, providing a comfortable seating experience while looking contemporary and uber stylish. With her French origins, she’s also particularly willing to have croissant crumbs sprinkled on her.


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Inspired by French furniture, Luisa is excellent for outdoor use. Lightweight and weather resistant.
Mia and Santos chairs, and the low Ramona stools are also a perfect match to this table.

Package includes:
• 1 x Luisa Aluminium Dining Table 120 x 80cm
• 2 x Luisa Aluminium Bench 112 x 46cm

• 2 year limited warranty.
• Lightweight.
• Black powder coated aluminium (WILL NOT RUST).
• Black rubber feet. Adjustable feet on the benches.
• Weather resistant.
• UV stabilised to slow the colour-fading process. Your colour will last longer in our harsh Australian climate.
• Mildew Resistant.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial use such as cafe, restaurant, club & pub.
• Supplied flat packed in 1 box – easy assembly (instructions & allen keys supplied).
• Weight rating 150 kg.

Also available in:
Luisa Aluminium Dining Table Set 150 x 90cm

All prices included GST.

Weight 14.2 kg
Dimensions 118 × 82 × 14 cm
Luisa Aluminium Dining Table:
Table Top: 120 x 80cm
Aluminium Slats on Table Top: 4cm x 0.5cm
Table Height: 76cm
Aluminium Tube Frame: 2.5cm diameter, 1.5mm thick

Luisa Aluminium Bench:
Bench Top: 112 x 46cm
Aluminium Slats on Bench: 4cm wide x 0.5cm deep
Bench Height: 45cm
Aluminium Tube Frame: 2.5cm diameter, 1.5mm thick
Maintenance of Aluminium Furniture
By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your aluminium furniture remains clean and well-maintained. Regular cleaning will not only preserve its appeal but also protect it from potential damage caused by dirt and environmental factors.

Our recommendations are as follows:

Daily Cleaning
• Regularly wash your aluminium furniture with warm water and a mild detergent using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Avoid use of chemical cleaners and solvents (Harsh cleaners and solvents like acetone can actually damage the powder coating).
• Thoroughly rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

Preventing Damage
• Don’t power wash: Power washers use a high-pressure stream of water and not recommended for aluminium.
• Avoid bleach: Bleach won’t straight away start to eat away at your aluminium furniture, but it will start to change the colour. The more you use bleach, the more wear will occur. .We recommend not use of bleach whether watered down or stronger it can affect the colour over time.
• Never use sharp or rough cleaning materials: No matter how stubborn a stain, never use scouring pads or anything alike, as this can damage the aluminium. Exposing the bare metal will lead to corrosion as the metal reacts with oxygen. This will leave unsightly brown marks. In the event a scratch does occur, make sure you quickly apply a suitable aluminium polish to help prevent corrosion and signs of wear. Make sure to follow the guidelines when applying the polish for the best results. The quicker the scratch is covered up, the better for your furniture.
• Treat your furniture with care: Metal against metal can cause scratches and reduce the life of your furniture. The same applies to any item that can cause scratches or mark your bench.

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