Provincial Crossback Chair


$119 inc. GST

The French provincial Crossback chair is an ideal choice for those looking to add a classic look to their setting. Made of birch wood, with reinforcing at stress points for extra endurance, these chairs are the same high quality as high street brands but at a lower price – compare us!
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  1. Mills K -

    Nice chairs, and I'm pleased with the comfort and appearance.
  2. Jen M -

    A fantastic chair that is both comfortable and affordable.
  3. Bri Ta -

    Very comfortable and simple to put together. Simply by adding new seats, the dining room received a complete makeover.
  4. Mej F -

    It's quite comfortable and simple to assemble, and it's the greatest chair we've bought so far.


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Provincial style crossback chair by Lucio. A classic chair at a modern price, Crossback are an enduring design. Durable yet lightweight, practical yet beautiful. Ideal for home, cafe or restaurant. The seating all-rounder.

PLEASE NOTE: The painted finish on these chairs allows for the natural grain to show through. Each chair is unique in colour and variations may occur from the product shown online and in the showroom. Inconsistencies should be expected and appreciated.

• 2 year commercial warranty.
• Stackable to 6 pieces.
• Suitable for indoor commercial use.
• Static load 150kg.
• Birch wood chair with reinforcing at stress points for extra durability.
• French provincial style.
• Plastic feet are securely attached to the legs to protect your floors from scuff and scratches.
• Supplied fully assembled.
• Lightweight but strong design.
• Available in white, natural oak, walnut and black.

What Is Good Craftsmanship and Why Is It Important?
Good craftsmanship is about the ability to create something elegant and high-quality that delivers a lot of value, while also being able to perform and is an attractive design. We have sourced the best quality chairs for the best price available without compromising on quality.
When comparing these chairs to competitors please turn the chair over and look at the supports. You will notice many competitors use a metal support under the seat. This is a cheaper construction method and will not give as much durability as the timber supports. It’s also at risk of rust.

• Ideal for cafe, restaurant, club, pub, hotel and commercial spaces

All prices include gst.

white crossback chairs

Crossback Chairs FAQs

Are crossback chairs comfortable?

Yes, cross back chairs are very comfortable. Crossback chairs tend to conform to the natural curve of the spine for a more comfortable sitting experience. The cross back chairs are designed to support your lower back and allow you to sit comfortably.

How to make a white cross back chair?

A cross back chair is a simple chair to make, with the traditional bent wood method. It is a chair with a back that crosses over on both sides, going from one arm to the other. A white cross back chair is an excellent addition to a dining room or a kitchen dining nook. It is a very comfortable chair and a great place to sit while eating a meal.

Where to buy a crossback chairs?

Chairforce is one of the biggest furniture stores across Australia. We have huge warehouses nationwide that we keep fully stocked with crossback chairs with different colours to choose from.

What are the pros and cons of black cross back chairs?

Pros: Crossback chairs are very comfortable. Additionally, black cross back chairs can work in just about any setting, from a formal dining room to a casual cafe. – cons: We can’t think of any!
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Weight4.1 kg
Seat: 44cm wide x 41cm deep
Seat Height: 46cm
Backrest Height: 89cm
Footprint: 45cm wide x 45cm deep

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