Hoffman 811 Replica Dining Chair


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Vintage style in beautiful solid Elm wood. Featuring a reinforced rattan seat and airy rattan back rest. This is a classic design that is sure to add a unique style to your setting. Combine strength & natural softness only timber can add. Hoffman is ideally suited for home, cafe and restaurant.

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    Solid rattan chairs that will endure a long time in my dining room. Excellent communication for further service. It comes highly recommended.
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    This week, four of these rattan seats were delivered. The quality is excellent. The service is excellent. Thank you, team.
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    They came well-wrapped and appeared to be just as I had anticipated based on the internet photos. They appear to be well-made and durable.
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    Nice rattan chairs, and I'm pleased with the comfort and appearance.


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Designer: Josef Hoffmann Chair, No. 811 Chair, 1930
This minimalist bentwood chair is an enduring style through its icon status, durability and versatile form.

PLEASE NOTE: Hoffman chairs have a rustic look and feel.
Natural timber has many variations in colour, grain and texture which means every chair is unique to your space. Black painting is a light cover to allow the natural grain to show through. Please note that wood grain and colour may vary. Inconsistencies should be expected and appreciated.

• 2 year commercial warranty.
• Suitable for indoor domestic or commercial use.
• Static load 130kg.
• Elm wood timber chair with reinforcing at stress points for extra durability.
• Rattan seat has a timber backing for extra durability.
• French provincial style.
• Plastic feet are securely attached to the legs to protect your floors from scuff and scratches.
• Supplied fully assembled.
• Lightweight but strong design.

Available in painted-black and natural.

All prices include gst.

Although it is currently fashionable, rattan and cane furniture has been in and out of favour since the British Empire and colonization and the emergence of the British Colonial style. Because the British Colonial style originated in the tropics, furniture was made from natural grasses, rattan, bamboo, cane, and wicker, allowing movement and expansion in the heat and humidity.

Hoffman Chair

The cane and rattan furniture trend has been reinvented many times, from Boho style designs in the 1960s and 1970s to classic country furniture pieces in the 1980s and 1990s, but the current look is more refined than ever.

Best Hoffman rattan dining chairs

The beauty of cane and rattan furniture is that it can be used in almost any interior style, including boho, coastal, Scandi, and vintage, and it works well with any color scheme, check out No. 811 Hoffman Thonet chairs.

Affordable Hoffman Rattan Dining Chair

No. 811 Hoffmann Natural Dining Chair History

Josef Hoffman’s 1930 design for TON’s Thonet Hoffmann 811 dining chair combines his interest in Art Nouveau and simple shapes with technology that has been used in Bystrice pod Hostynem for over 150 years.

Regardless of its age, the Hoffman 811 Thonet chair feels fresh and modern while still adhering to all of the elements of style that have made bentwood furniture so durable and sought after.

The handwoven seat and back of Austrian-born designer Josef Hoffmann’s 811 Thonet chair provide extra comfort and lightness of view.

Is rattan furniture susceptible to fading in the sun?

The UV rays attack the waxy material, making sunlight rattan’s kryptonite. However, depending on the manufacturing process, it should withstand it.

Rattan is made through an extrusion process, in which all of the materials are melted in a giant machine and pushed through nozzles of various shapes and sizes. When it comes to extruding rattan, there are two options: dual extrusion and mono extrusion.

Mono extrusion is a method of creating a solid weave with no hollow areas in the middle. This indicates that the colour is consistent throughout (i.e., the colour will not fade if you scuff the bottom).

On the other hand, dual extrusion provides less than half the UV protection, making it a less expensive method. One part of the machine weaves the fabric while the other sprays it with colour. As a result, the colour will not last as long as rattan furniture made with mono extrusion.

Thonet Hoffman 811 Chair

Josef Hoffmann, an Austrian architect and co-founder of the Weiner Werkstätte, designed several restrained but visually exciting dining Hoffman dining chairs, including a few cafés. He was a big fan of the Arts and Crafts movement, but he also liked the industrial age’s mass production. Hoffmann Chair (1925), designed in collaboration with Josef Frank, a Viennese modernist, exemplifies these two influences. This Paris cafe chair is lightweight and highly comfortable, with straight, unadorned lines and a handwoven caned seat and back. Its bentwood frame comprises solid European beechwood sourced from FSC-certified forests at the same factory founded by bentwood pioneer Michael Thonet in 1861. A water-based stain and clear varnish were used to finish the piece and designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Traditional and environmentally friendly

The Hoffman dining chair is lightweight and highly comfortable, with straight, unadorned lines and a handwoven caned seat and back. Its bentwood frame comprises solid European beechwood sourced from FSC-certified forests at the same factory founded by bentwood pioneer Michael Thonet in 1861. A water-based stain and clear varnish were used to finish the piece and designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Josef Hoffmann co-founded the Wiener Werkstatte joint workshop with Koloman Moser and was a founding member of the Vienna Secession, a radical anti-historicist movement. The British Arts & Crafts movement influenced Hoffman rattan chair decorative arts designs, but he embraced the industrial revolution and focused on abstract and geometric shapes in his work.

Hoffman dining chairs

The no. 811 Hoffmann outdoor chair, designed by Josef Hoffmann and Josef Frank in 1925 and produced at the same bentwood factory that thonet Hoffman chair founded, is a stylistic continuation of Thonet’s chair. Many of Thonet’s principles are adapted to the Viennese Succession style.

How do you determine the age of a Thonet chair?

The presence of the Hoffman chairs in chairforce with a solid line underneath carved somewhere into the chair is a sure way of identifying a genuine Thonet chair from around the turn of the twentieth century. This mark could be under the seat or on the bottom of the curved arms or legs.

Are 811 Hoffman Rattan dining chairs comfortable?

The 811 chair is solidly built and tremendously comfortable.

Why are rattan chairs so expensive?

The wicker material is the most important determining factor for why wicker furniture is so expensive. All-weather wicker, or resin wicker, is a long-lasting and durable weave made of resin fibres woven together to form a thick material.

Is rattan furniture making a comeback?

Rattan furniture has been a staple of interior design for decades, and you may recall how popular it was in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. It’s making a big comeback decades later—and it’s not just in the sunrooms of the past.

Are Round rattan chairs comfortable?

Flatweave is exceptionally long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. Flatweave typically guarantees up to 5 years, depending on other factors such as the frame. The half-round weave is well-known for being both comfortable and luxurious.
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Weight4.1 kg
Seat: 34cm wide x 41.5cm deep
Seat Height: 46cm
Backrest Height: 85.5cm
Footprint: 42cm wide x 47cm deep
For everyday cleaning wipe with a damp microfibre cloth and dry with a clean cloth.
Use a handheld vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dust from the rattan seat.
Avoid positioning your rattan and timber furniture in direct sunlight, direct heat & cooling sources for extended periods, as this can cause the furniture to dry out, warp or split.
Rotate furniture to prevent the sun from causing excessive fading on one side.

Do not stand or kneel on rattan seats. This can put excessive strain on the base of the chair, and can cause it to split or warp.
Occasional application of linseed oil can be beneficial to extend the life of you rattan furniture.
Rattan can become dry, split and cracked over the years. We recommend applying boiled linseed oil once a year to prolong the life of your stool. Apply boiled linseed oil with a brush, wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Allow it to dry or harden before using the rattan again. (NB boiled linseed oil is used over regular linseed oil because it drys faster)

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